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A CSV file, short for Comma-Separated Values, is a file format used to store data in a tabular form. In Seller Snap's system, users may utilize CSV files to update SKU values. 

This is a good way for users to change listings' values in bulk. 

The Basics

In order to create a CSV file, users will need programs like Excel to create or edit spreadsheets.

A CSV will contain columns and rows. Where columns will represent the name of the value to be changed and the rows will contain the value itself.

A typical CSV import file could look like this:

Seller Snap recommends that users should remove columns that they do not use.

The SKU column is mandatory, as this tells the system where the values will be placed.

The following optional columns may then be used to update a listing's value:

Optional Columns Description
tags Set tags for a Listing, use semi-colons to add multiple tags
note Place a note for a Listing
additional_cost Adds an additional Cost to a listing
fulfillment_cost For FBM listings only
min_price Sets a min price
max_price Sets a max price
repricing Turns the repricing for that listing on or off; ON or OFF values only
reprice_config_preset If a user has created a repricer preset, they may place the exact name of that preset here
See dedicated article: Creating Repricer Presets
small_and_light See dedicated article: Small and Light
set_min_markup See dedicated article: Min / Max Calculator
set_max_markup See dedicated article: Min / Max Calculator
disable_auto_adjust_min See Dedicated article: Tier Markup Based On Cost
See Dedicated article: Tier Markup Based On Cost
vat_percent EU Stores ONLY
See Dedicated article: Setting VAT Percent
map Sets MAP price for a listing
Important: When users want to remove MAP values via CSV uploads, users simply need to set the value to the word "remove" (without the quotation). 
store_id For Accounts that have multiple stores. Used to designate which store the SKU is in for the changes. Please contact Customer Support for the account's Store IDs.

Premium Only

Users with Premium Subscription are able to set and use the following optional columns

Columns Description
lead_time Lead Time; If using the Inventory Planning Tool, please see - Replenishment Quantity Suggestions
req_days_cover Required Days of Coverage; If using the Inventory Planning Tool, please see - Replenishment Quantity Suggestions

How to Upload a CSV File?

The Import function is found on Seller Snap's Listings Page. Simply click on Actions and Import.

Users will receive a notification in their email once the upload is complete.

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