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Seller Snap provides extensive repricing options within the Store Settings page where users can set up and refine repricing strategies to boost sales and profitability. These greatly influence pricing dynamics throughout the entire store.

While these settings affect the overall pricing strategy of the store, it's important to note that users can still adjust specific parameters at the listing level, like when applying a Repricing Preset for individual ASINs/SKUs.

These are found under Store Settings > Repricing:

Buybox Price Guard

How to Use Seller Snap's Buybox Price Guard

A Buybox Price Guard serves as a layer of protection against pricing errors, ensuring consistency in pricing strategies. While Amazon's Price Guard aims to safeguard sellers from pricing discrepancies, Seller Snap's Price Guard enhances this protection, shielding users from margin erosion.

Seller Snap's Game Theory AI Repricer focuses on winning the buy box while also trying to get the best price possible. As the AI uses the full range of the min and max of a listing, there will be times when the AI will focus on winning the buybox, and when this happens it will need to either match or go further below the current buybox price. 

Seller Snap's Buybox Price Guard will let users set a pattern of behavior to the default AI Repricer method. This is already enabled by default on all accounts but users may edit or disable this as they see fit. 

Seller Snap has made it possible for users to have the tools to configure for FBA or FBM listings, amount, or percentages, and to either go below or above a buybox.

Suppressed Buybox Settings

A Suppressed Buybox means that Amazon has removed the Buybox from a particular listing. The suppressed buybox will not show a winner but instead will allow the buyers to select from a list of sellers. This typically happens when Amazon detects and deems that there are better deals of the same item on other platforms such as eBay or Walmart. 

In listings where the Buybox is suppressed and the repricing strategy is set to AI, the repricer will use a built-in strategy for Buybox suppression. It will first look and identify the last time the Buybox was unsuppressed and then set the price to that. Should there be no historical data found for this data point, the repricer will move to use the Suppressed Buybox settings:

These settings have been researched, optimized and set-up by Seller Snap. However, clients are able to tweak these at the store level settings by going to the "settings" tab in your dashboard. If users wish to change it we recommend reaching out to support to ensure that the correct strategy is achieved.

FBA Listing (for example) -

1. Amount or percentage differential (above or below) if there's another FBA seller on that listing. The store settings are designed to match the lowest FBA seller.

2. Amount or percentage differential (above or below) if there is no FBA seller, but only an FBM seller on that listing. The store settings are designed to match the lowest FBM seller, plus 10% of their price.

3. Multiple/factor of your min price. For instance, if your min price is $10, it's set to a multiple/factor of 1.5. Therefore, if there are no other sellers on that listing, we will price the item at $15.

4. The store settings are designed to match your minimum price.

Additionally or alternatively, users can add conditions for a Suppressed Buybox should they feel necessary. If you have set a Suppressed Buybox condition for a particular listing, then the repricer will follow those conditions over the default store level conditions. 

Support MAP

When selling certain brands sellers may be required to price above a Minimum Advertised Price or MAP. To learn more about MAP users can read about it here.

Support SFP Settings

There are repricing configurations to help maximize sales against Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) competitors. For sellers that have competitors that are Seller Fulfilled Prime, users can toggle this on in order to be able to actively compete against the SFP competitor. To learn more please read here.

Adjust Price for Fee Promotions

Amazon Min/Max Allowed Price

Altering Seller Central's Min/Max Values Through Seller Snap can be done directly through Seller Snap's UI. Seller Snap users can push minimum & maximum values from within Seller Snap directly to Seller Central. This tool is helpful as it can help with high and low pricing errors. To learn more, please go here.

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