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This article shows users how to calculate min and max prices using markup. 

Min/Max Calculator

Seller Snap's min/max calculator can configure a listing's min and max prices using costs and markup. Users can input the item's purchase cost, any additional miscellaneous costs, and Amazon fees (i.e. relevant selling costs). 

The calculator allows users to set min and max prices while also giving the ability to add a markup percentage.

Mins and Maxs can be set using the following:

  • Main Listings page
  • Listing’s Pop-Out window
  • CSV import
  • Bulk Edit

Users must input costs for this feature to work.

Main Listings Page

Users who want to set their markups through the Listings page must also edit the “Markup On Cost” column. Users can change the min and max percentages and then click the green check mark to save.

Once changed, your min and max prices will automatically be calculated.

Edit Listings Window

Users are also able to calculate and set min and max prices using the listing’s pop-out window. 

Users can see the calculated profit margin at both minimum and maximum price points, offering a more detailed perspective on your potential profitability.

Users should make sure to click “Save & Close” for the changes to be applied. 

CSV Import

Another way to set min/max markup in bulk is by importing a CSV file. 

Users will need to export all their listings via the Listings page via the Actions > Export button. 

Once done, delete all columns except the following:

  • sku
  • min_markup
  • max_markup

The next step is to rename the columns.

You will need to change the title of the columns from min_markup and max_ markup to:




After - with the new column name markup values:

Once users are done inputting their values, they may import the CSV back into Seller Snap via the Action button. 

To change your min and max back to what was previously there all you need to do is set the SKU to "reset" under set_min_markup and/or set_max_markup.

Please refer to the article on Importing CSV for more details.

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