Replenishment Quantity Suggestions

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Seller Snap offers Premium Subscribers a simple tool to calculate the quantity of inventory required for replenishment, as well as the timeframe of remaining coverage for each SKU. 

Factors influencing these calculations can be altered within the store settings to give users a more accurate account of the following metrics: 

  • Days of Cover
  • Required Days of Cover 
  • Suggested Replenishment Quantity

Users can also make specific adjustments to these factors via the Listing Dashboard, on a SKU-by-SKU basis. 

Column Definitions

Below are the definitions of the columns that provide users with data for this tool: 

Days Cover:

  • This is a calculation of how many days your current inventory will last based on the velocity in the date range you have selected.

Req Days Cover: 

  • This is a number provided by the user, that represents how many days of coverage you would like. (Ex. "I need enough inventory to last 35 days" Req Days Cover is 35).

Sugg Qty Replenish:

  • This is the calculation that Seller Snap provides based on velocity, current available inventory, and required days of coverage to give you your suggested quantity to replenish. 

Setting Up Replenishment Suggestions

To provide more accurate calculations, users are required to update preferences in the Inventory Tab within store settings. 

The four preferences are as follows: 

  • FBM Lead Time
  • FBA Lead Time 

The above two fields refer to the number of days it takes from confirming an order with a supplier until the inventory reaches either the Amazon Fulfilment Centre or Merchant Fulfilment Centre. 

  • FBM Required Days of Coverage 
  • FBM Required Days of Coverage 

The above two fields refer to the number of days a user desires inventory to be in stock for either FBA or FBM. 

By filling in these fields, Seller Snap will calculate your Suggested Replenishment Quantity.

Making Adjustments On Individual SKUs

Users may also make adjustments to these calculations on a SKU-by-SKU basis. 

From within the Listing Tab, users may make amendments directly to the Listing via the following two columns:  

Using a CSV 

Users may also update the Lead Time & Required Days Cover via a CSV import using the following columns: 

  • sku
  • req_days_cover
  • lead_time

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