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The Views feature is for Premium subscribers only.

Views are customizable shortcuts that can be set to quickly answer questions about your store and can be found below the Analytics panel of the Listings page. 

How to create Views

Select the necessary filters (for example: to see listings in stock/FBA backordered that are receiving less than 50% Buy Box share in the last 24 hours):

Apply the filters.

Once back at the Listings page, users may choose to rearrange the columns via the Columns button.

Views can be set for 7-day or 30-day data.

Save the View:

Users can edit the current View by choosing "Update Current View" or create a new one with "Save As New View.

Creating a new View via "Save As New View" will be prompt users to name the View:

Note: Users may edit the filters of a View with new filters in order to update them. 

User Settings

The Views Manager can be found in the Store Settings drop-down menu which allows users to access all the Views and delete them. Depending on the access, the user might find additional tabs where they may Schedule Reports. These reports will use the existing Views. 

On the Views Manager tab, users can:

  • Designate a view as default
  • Turn views into Actionable Insight
  • Delete Views
  • Delete Actionable Insights

Note: It is not possible to delete the default View. In order to delete it, users would first need to change the default view.

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