Competitive Pricing Threshold (CPT)

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The Competitive Pricing Threshold (CPT) as explained by Amazon:

"A price is based on competitive prices from other retailers (excluding other Amazon sellers). The offer may be ineligible for the Buybox if the seller's price + shipping (minus Amazon Points) is greater than this competitive price."

In general, Seller Snap has the ability to consider CPT as part of the repricing strategy. When sellers have their listings' price above the CPT value, Amazon will suppress the Buybox. To avoid this, Seller Snap aims to reprice below the CPT price. 

The CPT price can be found via a column within the listings dashboard. To learn about how to show these columns in the listing dashboard, click here.

Why does Amazon use a Competitive Pricing Threshold (CPT)?

Amazon considers reputable marketplaces and pricing of other products to determine CPT. They want to ensure that the most competitive pricing can be found on Amazon to provide optimal customer service and satisfaction.

System Behavior with Competitive Pricing Threshold

Competitive Pricing Threshold (CPT) is a considered value in Seller Snap's AI behavior. 

With CPT, the following may happen:

  • If sellers have their price set above the CPT, the Buybox will become suppressed.
  • If sellers have their prices set below the CPT, there should be no issues.

Enabling or Disabling Competitive Price Threshold

How to Enable and Disable Competitive Price Threshold (CPT)

Seller Snap users can select if they would like to disable CPT considerations when repricing on the Store Level or Listings Level. 

To enable/disable on the Store Level:

Go to Settings > Store Settings > Repricing > Disable Competitive Price Threshold > Apply Changes

To enable/disable on a Listing Level:

Go to Listings > select a Listing to edit > Repricing Settings > Toggle Consider CPT OFF > Save & Close

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