Listing Table Metrics Glossary (Column Names)

The listing tab in the Seller Snap dashboard contains the list of all SKUs that were collected from Amazon for the store that is currently selected.

If you would like to learn how to customize the columns on your listings page visit FAQ: How Do I Add Columns in My Listings Page?

The following values are shown for each SKU:

  1. Additional Cost - Column available upon request. To be used as required.
  2. Amazon Fees - The Amazon fee structure as returned by the Amazon fee estimate API. Also, includes information on the Reduced Profit Range where applicable.
  3. Avg BB Share - Your average buy box share in the selected date range (last 7 days by default including yesterday).
  4. Avg Selling Price - Based on the selected time period, the average price you sold this item for.
  5. Avg Win Price - Your average buy box winning price in the selected date range (last 7 days by default including yesterday).
  6. Avg. Win Price 24h - Your average buy box winning price (i.e. the average price when the listing was in the buy box) during the last 24 hours. An increase in this value means you are getting the buy box at a higher price.
  7. BB Share 24h - Your buy box share for the listing in the last 24 hours. This value is calculated every hour.
  8. Business Price - The discount given on the regular price, if the buyer is using a business account in Amazon.
  9. Cost  - The SKU cost. This is updated by the user (in UI or via CSV import)
  10. Cur Sales Rank - Amazon bestseller rank by category and sub-category updated from Amazon
  11. Current  Buybox  Price - The landed price that is currently in the Buy Box in Amazon and the fulfillment method in the Buy Box (FBA or FBM).
  12. Date Created - This column shows the date that items were added to Amazon (not Seller Snap). Sorting on this column will show the newest listings that were added from Amazon and haven't been set for repricing yet.
  13. Days In Stock - The number of days when the listing was in stock in the selected date range. A listing is considered to be in stock if the fulfillable quantity at the end of the day was larger than zero (0) or if there were orders during that day.
  14. Est. Out Of Stock - Date This is an estimation of when the item will run out of stock. FBA is based on FBA Available Quantity and velocity; FBM is based on fulfillable quantity and velocity.
  15. FBA Available Quantity - Fulfillable Quantity + Reserved FC Transfer + Reserved FC Processing + FBA Inbound Quantity
  16. FBA Inbound Quantity - Inbound Shipped Quantity + Inbound Receiving Quantity
  17. FBA Reserved Quantity - Reserved Customer Orders + Reserved FC Transfer + Reserved FC Processing
  18. FBA Total Quantity - Total Warehouse Quantity + Total Inbound Quantity
  19. FBA Warehouse Quantity - Fulfillable Quantity + Unsellable Quantity + Reserved Quantity + Researching Quantity
  20. FNSKU - the Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit is created by Amazon to identify which seller owns a product. It is used to track the product within Amazon's inventory system and fulfillment (FBA) processes. 
  21. Fulfillable Quantity - Fulfillable quantity pulled from Amazon.
  22. Fulfillment - The fulfillment channel of the SKU (either FBA or FBM) as pulled from Amazon.
  23. Fulfillment Cost - If the listing is FBA, this is the estimated FBA fee as returned by Amazon fee estimate API. If the listing is FBM the fulfillment cost must be updated by the user (optional) and represents the cost of fulfilling the order (and not the shipping price charged from the buyer on Amazon)
  24. GMV - Gross Merchandise Value = Quantity * Cost
  25. Inv. Age 0 - 90 - amount of stock held for 90 days or less
  26. Inv. Age 91 - 180 - amount of stock held between 91 - 180 days
  27. Inv. Age 181 - 270 - amount of stock held between 181 - 270 days
  28. Inv. Age 271 - 365 - amount of stock held between 271 - 365 days
  29. Inv. Age 365+ - amount of stock held over 365 days
  30. Inv. Value - Quantity * Cost (Formerly known as GMV)
  31. Listed Price - Your current listed price on Amazon (not including shipping price).
  32. MAP - Minimum advertised price
  33. Markup On Cost - Based on selling at your minimum price, the percentage markup you would make
  34. Max Price - The maximum listed price (not including shipping price on Amazon ). The repricer will never send a listed price higher than the maximum price.
  35. Min Price - The minimum listed price (not including shipping price on Amazon ) that you are willing to sell for. This determines the lowest limit for the Repricer and we will never send a listed price that is lower than the minimum price. NOTE: If minimum price isn't set, the listing will not be repriced.
  36. MPN - Manufacture Product Number
  37. Note - Allows you to enter a note for a listing up to 255 characters.
  38. Num of Comp. - Number of competitors on the listing (FBA and FBM). If you are an FBA seller and number of FBA comp = 0, it means you are the only FBA seller on this listing. If toggled on in store settings; column will also include the lowest SFP price.
  39. Ordered Items - Total number of items ordered in the selected date range.
  40. Pkg Height - Package height according to Amazon
  41. Pkg Length - Package length according to Amazon
  42. Pkg Volume - Package volume according to Amazon
  43. Pkg Width - Package width according to Amazon
  44. Profit Margin - Profit Margin in the selected date range, calculated as profit/revenue
  45. Profits After Returns - Total Profit - Profit from returned items for time period selected
  46. Promo. Reduced Prof. Range - The range where selling an item will be slightly less profitable by selling in the given range, created by the REF. Fee Promos.
  47. REF. Fee Promo - List of Amazon Referral Fee Promos available to Sellers. The newest/current promos are shown on top. This column includes a checkbox to avoid an RPR that is created by these promos.
  48. Reference Price (List Price): The list price of the item as suggested by the manufacturer.
  49. Reimbursed Cash - Total amount of money to be received back for reimbursed items on specific listings in your date range search
  50. Reimbursed Inv - Number of items sent back to Amazon and available in inventory after reimbursements
  51. Return Rate - Number of Returned Items / Number of Sales (as a %)
  52. Returned Items - Number of returned items in time period selected
  53. Returns' Cost - Fulfillment cost + label cost if return is payable by seller
  54. Rev. After Returns - Number of Returned Items / Number of Sales (as a %)
  55. ROI - Return On Investment, calculated as profit divided by cost (not including shipping cost, Amazon fees or other sales - related costs).
  56. Ship Price - The shipping price displayed on Amazon
  57. Small and Light - Indicates if item is classified as " FBA Small and Light" by Amazon
  58. Small and Light Fee - To be filled in by seller, the fee charged by Amazon for items classified as "FBA Small and Light."
  59. Title - The product title as displayed in Amazon, the ASIN (link to product page on Amazon) and the SKU.
  60. Total Profit - Estimated total profit in the selected date range, based on revenue, cost (if added by user), fulfillment cost (FBA fee or FBM shipping cost), Amazon referral fee.
  61. Total Profit. Diff - Shows you the difference between current profit and previous profit for time period selected.NOTE: Profit calculation is estimated and can only be calculated if cost is provided (and if FBM, estimated shipping cost).
  62. Total Profit. Prev - Shows you profit for the previous period in a separate column that can be exported.
  63. Total Rev. - Estimate total revenue in the selected date range, as calculated from orders that were made during this date range.
  64. Total Rev. Diff - Shows you the difference between current revenue and previous revenue for time period selected.
  65. Total Rev. Prev - Shows you revenue for the previous period in a separate column that can be exported.
  66. Velocity - Average items sold per day in the selected date range excluding days when the SKU was out of stock.
  67. Walmart Price Sync - Relates to the Walmart Price Sync integration; Enables the syncing of prices from Seller Snap to Walmart.
  68. Walmart SKU - Relates to the Walmart Price Sync integration; shows the mapped SKU.

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