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Setting realistic max prices is difficult and values that are too high can cause deactivations due to Amazon’s Fair Pricing Policy. 

Seller Snap’s Dynamic Max Price (DMP) tool uses AI to automatically calculate the max price for all listings so that users don’t have to manually set a max price, or worry about deactivations. 

Seller Snap's DMP feature uses several metrics, such as the highest and lowest listed offer, the last sale price, and the most recent Price Change Notification in order to dynamically calculate the ideal max value. 

Users are recommended to do an export of their current maxs prior to enabling so that users can revert back to the previous maxs if they wish. 

Should users decide to disable DMP on the store level, the max prices for listings will be set to the last DMP value. 

Store Settings & Setup

Users can activate Dynamic Max Price from within the store settings under the Min & Max tab. 

In order to utilize DMP, sellers will also need to activate Auto-Adjust Min/Max when enabled gives Seller Snap the autonomy to adjust users' min and max values when there is a change in Amazon Fees, FBA fees, or Cost. 

Once activated, users can select to implement the tool for either FBA or FBM listings or both at the same time.

Listing Table

When Dynamic Max Price is enabled, users will see an icon next to the values in the Max Price columns. 

Users can override the Dynamic Max Price of a listing by setting a specific value: 

A lock icon on the max indicates that DMP is not ON for the listing. 

Users can revert to the Dynamic Max Price by clicking the red cycle icon as shown. 

Note: If DMP was not enabled for the store, the button's function would simply set the previous value. 

Edit Listing Pop-Out Window

The same behavior can be utilized from within the Edit Listing Pop-out. 

Users looking under the Edit Listings Window will see an indication under the Profit section on whether the Max is currently managed by DMP.

Filtering for Listings with Dynamic Max Price

Users are able to filter for listings that have DMP enabled or disabled. This option is found under the Customizable Filters dropdown box under the Filters menu.

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