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Bulk Edit allows users to conveniently amend and manage multiple listings quickly directly from the listings table. 

Users may begin using this feature by toggling the checkboxes found on the Listings Page:

Using the Bulk Edit Feature

To use this feature, users may simply select the checkboxes corresponding to the row of the listing they want to edit.

When selecting listings, users will notice that the editing options (1) will be displayed. This is where sellers may begin editing the listings.

The Editing Options are:

  1. Edit "x" Listings (see section Selecting Multiple Specific Listings to Edit)
    This option will only edit the listings users have personally selected.
  2. Edit all Listings in Filter (see section Filtering and Selecting ALL Listings to Edit)
    The Bulk Edit feature is incorporated into Seller Snap's Filters system through both the Listing States and the advanced Filter options.
    Users may make use of either or both the Listing States and other Filters and then select this option to Select ALL listings that currently fall under what the users have set.

    Note: Selecting this option will include the listings that are not visible on the current page for as long as those listings fall under the Filters that users set. 

Selecting Multiple Specific Listings to Edit

In this example, a user wants to select 3 listings that have the Repricer OFF and wants to turn all 3 of these ON.

After selecting the 3 listings and clicking the Edit 3 Listings button, a pop-up will appear where users can make their desired changes.

Make sure to select the appropriate Field to change; in this case, Repricing, and simply turn the Value to ON.

Users would then need to click on Update to set the changes.

A notification will appear at the top-right corner of the Seller Snap UI to confirm that the changes are being executed. It will also notify users when the changes are done.

Users will need to click 'Complete Update' to view the changes. 

The listings should now be updated.

Filtering and Selecting ALL Listings to Edit

A great way to use the Bulk Edit feature is to make use of the advanced filtering options. This can help users select very specific SKUs quickly and make changes to them. 

For this example, a user wants to turn the Repricer ON for  all the listings that are in stock and are currently not being repriced.

To do this, users can click on Filters and for example, set the following:

Once the filter has been applied, the user should see it on the Main Listing Page.
The Filters showing here indicate what the user has filtered for. (1)

Next, users will need to bring up the Bulk Edit Options by selecting any listings via their checkbox on the current filter. (2)
Once the Edit Listing Options show up, users will need to click on "Edit all listings in filter". (3)

This will select all the listings that are currently filtered instead of just the one currently marked with the check.

Note: Selecting the "Edit all listings in filter" option will include the listings that are not visible on the current page for as long as those listings fall under the Filters that the user has set. 

Once selected, the Editing window will come up and users can set the changes to be made.
For this example, the field should be set to Repricing while the value should be set to ON.
Clicking Update will begin the process.

When filtering and using bulk edit, users may see a Disclaimer:

This particular disclaimer is informing the user that if a listing's state changes before updating then that listing will not be included as it no longer will fall into the categories that were filtered for.

This means that should a particular listing go out-of-stock before the system made the actual edit, then that listing will not get edited as it no longer falls into the filter the user has set (in-stock, and not being repriced).

Once the user confirms this, the notifications will appear at the top-right corner of the screen and the user will need to refresh the page once successful.

Once done, users may find themselves no longer seeing any listings on the page. This is because the Filters that were set are still in effect and there are no longer listings that fall under it.
Users may simply clear the filters to go back to the default view.

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