How To Set Up Conditions Based on Inventory Age

The Inventory Age data in Seller Snap is sourced directly from Amazon's Inventory Health Report.

Users can use this to create repricing strategies according to the age of their inventory.

The Inventory Age condition allows users to configure repricing strategies in both the store and listing levels. It seamlessly integrates with any repricing method, functioning as a dynamic condition to optimize pricing strategies.

Users can set a condition where "If Inventory Age is above 30/60/90/180/270, or 365 days and has more than x amount of inventory then a method of repricing can be triggered.

In addition, the user may add a sub-condition like so: If no purchase in the last 24 hours AND Inventory Aged above 90 days with more than 50 items apply Win buybox 80%:

Users may add an Inventory Age Column in the Listings Page

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