FAQ: How Do I Add Columns in My Listings Page?

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The Listings Page has a table that lists data from a user's store(s). Customizing the Listings table by adding columns and arranging them is a great way to view multiple data points at a glance. Each user can customize the table as they wish as any changes to the columns and their arrangement will only be visible and saved for that user profile.

Adding/Removing Columns

Start by clicking on the Column button.

This will bring up the Columns Manager where you may add or remove columns from the Listings Table.

The left panel shows all the columns that are currently hidden while the right panel lists all the visible columns on the Listing Table. Simply find and select the desired column name and click on the appropriate button to transfer to the opposite panel.

Arranging Columns

The green arrows that point up and down are used to arrange the columns on the Listings table.  
The top-most name in the Visible panel will show up as the left-most column, and so on.

A glossary of the column names can be seen in the Listing Table Metrics article.

To read more on Seller Snap's tools please go to the Basic Functionality article.

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