FAQ: How do I set item to Win Buybox?

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The WinBybox strategy is an aggressive repricing method and is recommended for sellers that want to liquidate inventory or don't have an issue getting into price wars that can drop their price to min. 

When a listing is set to Win Buybox you are able to select your desired buybox share. The maximum you can set is 95% of the buybox share. In Win Buybox, the repricer will make pricing recommendations every 6 minutes.

You can set SKUs in bulk to Win Buybox through a preset or on a listing level through the dashboard

Steps to set "Win BuyBox" as preset

1. Under "Store Settings" in the "Settings" tab, select "Repricing Preset. To add a new preset, Click "New Preset" and give a name.

2. Select "Win Buybox" in the dropdown menu and click "Save". To read more about rule-based repricing see: Alternative Repricing Methods

3. Once saved, the preset can now be enabled in a listing or set of listings.

Set Through BULK EDIT

To set Win Buybox on a listing level, click on go to the edit listings window

Go to the second tab, "Repricing Settings". The default repricing method's drop-down menu will show Win Buybox as the second option. You can select that and then input your desired buybox share.


You can add this as a condition as well.

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