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Seller Snap offers many areas for users to update their listings, the Edit Listings Window is the main area to see all the listing-specific data. 

Where to find Edit Listings Window (Listing Pop-out):

Enter the edit listing window by clicking on the edit listings icon found on each listing in the title column:

Edit Listings (Pop-out) Window:

In the edit listing window, you can find links to Amazon, edit your tags, and view and edit your costs, repricing settings, and analytics.

It is also possible to turn on or off repricing for each listing here.

Your key indicators for each individual listing are also shown in this window.

For each listing, you can click on the attached links.

The Amazon symbol takes you to the Buybox page. The listings symbol takes you to the all offer listings page. The basket symbol takes you to your listing page on Amazon.


You can control the tags in this editing box. You can add tags for an individual item, for example, 'Best seller' to allow you to filter for those items.

Costs Tab / Profit Calculator:

In the costs tab, you can make any changes to your costs, and add any additional costs you may want to include in addition to shipping costs. 

How to Get The Most Out of The Profit Calculator

You can also use this tool to set minimum and maximum prices by either choosing the markup on cost in dollars or as a percentage. Seller Snap's software will then determine the minimum price, taking into account all costs and fees.  

Repricing Settings Tab:

The Repricing Setting Tab will allow you to adjust your repricing setting on the listing level by changing your default repricing method and/or adding conditions. For more information on this, see  Using Seller Snap Amazon Repricer.


Here, you can view the aggregated values and analytics graphs for individual listings, rather than for groups of listings.

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