FAQ: How Do I Edit A Listing?

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Users are able to set a listing's values using the Seller Snap app in 3 ways, this article shows how. Listings can also be edited by uploading a CSV file.

The Listings Table

Various values such as cost, min, and max, among others can be found on the listings table. Users may simply click on them and proceed to set the value.

Once clicked, a small pop-up will appear where users may make the changes. Be sure to click the green check box to confirm.

The Edit Listings Window


The Edit Listings Window contains detailed information about the listing. This is also where users may set individual repricer settings specific only to the listing itself. Business Pricing can also be enabled here for the SKU.

Please refer to this article for more information.

Bulk Edit

Users are able to edit multiple listings at once using the Bulk Edit function. This is covered in its own article.

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