Ez Cloud Integration

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Seller Snap's integration with Ez Cloud account lets users have cost data from Ez Cloud feed into Seller Snap via FTP. This is done by first generating FTP credentials on Seller Snap's end and then sending that information to Ez Cloud.

Creating FTP Credentials

To begin, users will need to navigate to the Integrations panel through the Store Settings menu and click Configure under Ez Cloud:

Users will need to click the Generate button for the credentials to be created.

Sending Information to Ez Cloud

Users may now send the generated FTP credentials to the Ez Cloud Support Team through their email:


The credentials are case-sensitive so it is advised to copy and paste.

Once the integration is set on their end, Seller Snap will begin to receive cost reports periodically for your store. 

How to Disable Email Notifications

When configuring Ez Cloud, users may opt out of receiving email notifications by toggling the switch to OFF:

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