Setting VAT Percent (EU)

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For EU sellers VAT Percent is an important addition to setting up the store. Users are able to set the VAT Percent through the store settings or through a CSV import.

To set VAT Percent on the store level go to the store settings tab and adjust the VAT value in the General section. See VAT Percent video.

Setting Up - Store Level

As VAT percentage can vary by category it can also be changed on the listing level. Changing VAT on the listing level will override the store level setting.

Changing VAT on the listing level can be done in two ways. Through a CSV import or through the listings table.

Setting Up - CSV Import

To set VAT Percent through a CSV import set a "vat_percent" column and SKU column:

Setting Up -  Listings Table

Make sure the VAT% column is visible ( How To Add Columns) and users will be able to set and save the VAT% desired for that specific listing. 

An important note to remember is that if users have a multi-store view on and have US and EU stores, the VAT Percent column will not be visible. Users will need to select the EU stores in order to view the VAT Percent column.

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