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Seller Snap's Listing's Page offers lots of data and analytics, this article helps breakdown where to find what. 

Analytics Graphs

At the top of the Listings Tab, users can find aggregations for revenue, profit, ordered items, profit margin, average buybox share, and ROI. 

By selecting one of the interactive aggregations, users can view the relevant analytics graph that reflects the date-rage at the bottom of the graph. 

Date Range

The date range applies to the listings table, the graphs, and the aggregated values. 

The default date ranges are either the last seven days or the last 30 days, as on the Overview tab. If you wish to select a customized date range - or comparison date range - users can use the date options.

Above the listings table, you can use the search bar to search for a specific listing using the parameters from the first column. They are title, ASIN, or SKU. 

Listing Table Columns 

Users can customize the Listing Table to show the relevant columns in the desired order. 

Users can click on the title of each column to sort the data.

Editing Listings

From the listings table, you can edit your prices and your costs by clicking on the inline values.

For more information about editing your listings, see Listings Editor.

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