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The aggregations shown on the Listings Page are shown in two ways. You can switch between the Default View, which shows "All Selected Listings", and the Alternate View, which shows "Listings with Cost". Click on the toggle to move between these views. The highlighted green title is the one that you are viewing.

All Selected Listings

In this view, you will see the Revenue, Ordered Items, and Average Buybox Share for those listings displayed in the table. Any filters applied on the data will affect these numbers.

As Profit, Profit Margin, and ROI are calculated using costs, these will not be visible unless all costs are entered in the listings table, to avoid inaccurate data.

Listings with Cost

In this view, users will see all the aggregations for the listings where costs have been entered. Any filters applied on the data will affect these numbers. 

If users have entered cost on any listing all six aggregations. Be aware that revenue will not be total revenue in this view unless all of your listings have cost. If only some costs have been entered then the revenue aggregation will be the revenue for only those listings with cost. The Profit, ROI, Profit Margin will be just for those listings with cost.

In order to calculate the aggregations on all listings cost needs to be entered for all items in repricing. 

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