FAQ: How do I Match Lowest / Highest FBA / FBM, Follow BuyBox, Match Lowest Competitor

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The AI Repricer is a great repricing method to use in most market environments but there are times when users will want to customize the AI's behavior to create their own strategies for their listings. 

These settings reprice every 15 minutes and can be found when a user:

  • creates a preset via the Repricing Presets tab.

  • edits a listing through Repricer Settings of an ASIN/SKU.

The Settings will be found in the drop-down menu.

Please note that "match/follow" settings are designed to follow FBA/FBM competitors. If all competition leaves the ASIN, the repricer will stop repricing. Seller Snap suggests that users should use a different repricing method (such as the AI Repricer) and simply add these settings as Conditions.

Matching the Highest/Lowest FBA/FBM

These settings will have the AI specifically find and match the following price:

  • The Highest FBA competitor
  • The Lowest FBA competitor
  • The Highest FBM competitor
  • The Lowest FBM competitor

When set, the user may choose to further configure the setting to undercut by a specific amount or by a percentage:

They may also choose to ignore specific competitors by ticking the box and placing the competitor's Seller ID. 

How do I find a competitor's Seller ID?

What is the Yo-Yo Repricing Rule?

Following the Buybox

Users have the option to match the current Buybox price using this setting.

Further configuration can either have the repricer set a price above the buybox or below using either a specific amount or by percentage.

Should a user want to go below the buybox price, they may simply add a negative sign with the value.

Matching the Lowest Competitor

Should a user want to match a competitor with the lowest price of an ASIN, regardless if they are FBA or FBM, they may use the Follow Lowest Competitor option.

Users may set either a specific amount or percentage of how much to undercut the competitor's price. 

The example below shows that the repricer will always be 5% lower than the lowest competitor's price.

They may also choose to ignore certain sellers by adding their Seller ID.

How do I find a competitor's Seller ID?

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