Repricing Method: Follow Related ASIN

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This repricing method is useful for listings where users are the only seller or when they are getting 100% of the buybox (such as when selling private/white label products). 

The repricer checks the buybox price of the related ASIN and adjusts the price of the listing according to the rule users have defined. To use this method, users will need to specify the relevant ASIN they want to follow to make pricing decisions.

Setting Up

1. Set the Default Repricing Method to Follow Related ASIN

2. Define the repricing rule against the buybox winner of the related ASIN. Users can define a different behavior depending on the fulfillment method of the buybox winner (FBA or FBM) but all the fields need to have values in them. Please be sure to set the condition for BOTH FBM and FBA, otherwise, the condition will NOT take effect. Users may set a percentage or amount.

Remember to always press "Save & Close" in order for the new repricing method to set. 

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