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Seller Snap users that have Admin permissions can create up to 5 customizable columns that can be used in their listing table. For example, users can create a column that contains a list of where they sourced their inventory, or create a timestamp of when it was bought. 

These custom columns are a great way for users to analyze data, make decisions, as well as add relevant information to their listings.

Once created, these custom columns are available across all stores, for all users in the account. 

Adding and Removing Customizable Columns

To begin, admin users will need to go to the  Account page which can be found when clicking their name on the top-right corner of the dashboard:

Users will then need to go to the Custom Columns Tab where they may click the button to create a New Customizable Column:

Users will now need to choose the one of following Data Types for their column:

  • True or False 
  • Date 
  • List
  • Numeric
  • String (Maximum of 40 characters)

Users may notice that once they create a Custom Column, they will see "CSV column name". This refers to the name of the column when users export or import values via CSV.

Removing or editing a column can be done through the Edit button.

Once a customizable column has been created, users will need to make it visible by going into the Listings Table and clicking on the Columns button. Users will be able to see the custom columns under the Hidden section:

For more information on adding/removing and arranging Columns, please see the article: FAQ: How Do I Add Columns on My Listings Page?

Sample Columns

The sample below shows a customizable column created to track the source of a seller's inventory using the List data type.

What it looks like in the Listings Menu:

The next column was created to be a timestamp on when the inventory was bought but it can serve other purposes depending on the user.

What it looks like in the Listings Menu:


Once the column settings have been set, users may now use the data to set parameters in their search queries via the Filters menu under the Customizable Filters section.

Using Bulk Edit

Users are also able to edit multiple SKUs using the Bulk Edit feature.

Users begin by first selecting SKUs either by filtering for them using a search or selecting them via checkboxes. Once the selection has been made, users may choose to edit only the selected listings, edit all of the listings using the current filter, or clear the selected SKUs.

Once selected, users will be able to choose the appropriate column name under the Field and set the desired Value:

Customizable Columns through CSV upload

Once a Customizable Column has been created by an account owner or Admin through Seller Snap's User Interface, users may upload a CSV file to update the values of their Customizable Columns.

When the customizable columns are created, they are designated their own name to be used in the CSV file:

If a user wants to update the listing's customizable column data to Best Buys per the sample above, this is how it may look.

Important: The customizable column's values are case sensitive.

Removing Data

In the event that a user wants to remove the values of a custom column (return value to null), they may do so either by selecting the option, clicking the button to clear, or clearing the number or string and saving after. 

For the Date Data type, users can click the clear button:

It should be noted that clearing data can also be done in bulk and users can begin by first selecting the SKU via the Listings page:

Users may then select the appropriate option:

Finally, select the Field " Remove cust_attr values" and choose the column under Value:

In this example, the date set for this Timestamp was removed for this SKU:

Users who wish to remove data via a CSV, FTP, or API may input the value 'remove' to return to null. 

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