Repricing Method: Recurring Price Change

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What is Recurring Price Change and how does repricing work when enabled?

The Recurring Price Change method tells the repricer to change the price by an amount or percent at a set interval.

Seller Snap recommends setting a minimum interval of 60 minutes. This is because order reports are typically received from Amazon every hour.

Important: If users set Recurring Price Change as the Default Repricing Method, the amount will increase or decrease the price until it reaches the min/max.

What is the best use of Recurring Price Change?

There are many situations where Recurring Price Change can be useful. One such use could be for when a user is having a problem getting sales from a listing that has the buybox suppressed. 

In the sample above, we added a condition that will trigger the Recurring Price Change method only when the buybox is suppressed. This will decrease the price by 10 cents every hour until it reaches the min or the buybox is unsuppressed.

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How can I apply Recurring Price Change on my listings?

Users with presets may assign these by using  Bulk Edit or importing a CSV file. They may also do so individually from within the listings table or through the Edit Listings Window where conditions can be added as well.

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