Tier Markup Based On Cost

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Seller Snap users have the option to create cost-based markup tiers. 

Users can set ranges between two separate cost values and then designate a specific Min & Max percentage for that range. 

Activating Tier Markup  

Seller Snap will automatically calculate Min & Max values based on which tier the cost of a good falls into. Stores with Auto-Adjust enabled will have the option to use this tool and there is no limit to the number of tiers a user can create.

Note: Users are able to continue to use just one tier in order to set a standardized markup amount across all SKUs. 

In order to enable this feature users will need to go to Auto Adjust Min/Max Tab in the Store Settings and toggle the Auto Adjust Min/Max switch to ON:

This pop-up is alerting users that the Auto Adjust tool will recalculate Min and Max prices and users can first disable repricing if they'd like, or simply export their current Min and Max prices.

Please select "I understand, continue" in order to select your Min and Max source.

Users have the option to enable Tier Markup for min OR max and select a different min/max method for the other.

Learn more about the other Min and Max sources.

Once enabled, users are able to set multiple markup tiers like so: 

Once this is set, users will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Apply Changes" .

A pop up will ask the following, please select the relevant response:

  1. Apply to all listings -  set the new markup amounts for all listings on the store level. 
  2. Maintain current values - only adjust listings that do not currently have min and max prices set up

Min & Max values will update automatically, however, this can take several minutes depending on the quantity of SKUs in the store. 

Deactivating Tier Markup 

Users may disable Tier Markup on Min or Max by unselecting Tier Markup as the source value:

Currently, Dynamic Max Price (DMP) is still in beta, if you would like to test it out feel free to contact support@sellersnap.io

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