Push Min & Max Prices To Amazon

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Seller Snap is able to alter the Min and Max values in a user's Amazon Seller Central account through the feature "Amazon Min & Max Allowed Price". 

When turned ON, this feature will let Seller Snap adjust the mins and maxs of SKUs on Amazon Seller Central to avoid high pricing errors that may cause a listing's deactivation.  

Pushing Min & Max Prices to Amazon

This feature's function can be accessed through the Store Settings Menu under the Repricing tab, as shown below: 

At the bottom of the page users will see this option:

Users can enable the tool for Min, Max, or both.

When initiated, the tool will automatically update the Min and Max values in Seller Central the next time a price change occurs.

This will align the mins and maxs for both Seller Snap and Amazon Seller Central values.

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