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Offering business prices and quantity discounts can help sellers capture customers' attention, gain their trust, and earn their business.
As an Amazon Business Seller, you can offer two types of discounts:
  1. Business price: A discounted price available exclusively to Amazon Business customers regardless of the quantity purchased.
  2. Quantity discount: Tiered discounts are available exclusively to Amazon Business customers for higher-volume purchases. Each seller in the Amazon Business Seller program specifies tiers for quantity pricing. Seller Snap offers this functionality within the portal to give sellers the opportunity to further maximize profit and engage with their customers.

Business Price 

Sellers can set a “business” discount over the regular price. For repricing, this means the business price Seller Snap sends to Amazon is defined as a discount over the repricer suggested regular price.

The Manual Business Pricing column can be made visible from the hidden column selection for your Listings Table. 

By default, the Business Price is toggled OFF on the listing level. When toggled ON, a pop-up window will prompt sellers to set a price discount. 

Business Discount

Sellers will be able to set a discount type (amount/percentage) and set a value for the discount for business customers. For example, if the seller sets a value of 5 and the discount type is “percent” if the repricer pushes a regular price of $10, the business price will be $9.50.

Setting Price Discount Per SKU

In the edit listings window, click on the Business Pricing tab, and turn ON the Business Price.

There will be an option to set a “Business Discount Type” as percent or amount. This means all business-related discounts (delta from regular LANDED price) will be calculated based on the selected type. 

Important: The business price will never be lower than the min price for that listing. If the calculated business price is below min, the repricer will set the business price to min price.

Quantity Discount

The seller can set up to 5 tiers of quantity discounts. This means if the buyer purchases at least the number of units specified in the tier, they receive a discount per item based on the Business Price. Each tier must be larger than the previous tier. 

Example: Quantity Lower Bound 1 = 5 units. Quantity Discount 1 = 2. If the discount type is “percent”, the discount for buying 5 units or more will be 2% lower than the “Business Price” per unit. So, if the regular price is $10, the Business Price is $9.50 (assuming a 5% business discount), and the buyer orders 5 units, the price per unit will be $9.50*(1-0.02)=$9.31.

Bulk Import

  • Sellers will be able to set business discounts via bulk import. The CSV file includes the following columns for import/export: discount_type, business_discount, quantity_lower_bound_1(2,3,4,5) , quantity_discount_1 (2,3,4,5)
  • discount_type: percent (set discount as percent from relevant price) amount (set discount as amount from relevant price) remove (remove the business discount from the sku)
  • business_discount: set the value for the discount depending on the discount type that was defined. This field accepts decimal values for amount and percent. For example, 0.02 (amount) means 2 cents below regular price. 5 (percent) means 5 percent below regular price.
  • quantity_lower_bound_1:The first-tier quantity discount. This must be > 0. Each following bound (2,3,4,5) must be greater than the previous bound.
  • quantity_discount_1:This is the discount value related to the business price. The value is decimal (same logic as business price). Each following discount must be greater than the previous discount.

Important Note: The business price will be applied to all “regular” pricing decisions, regardless of the relevant repricing method or condition (i.e. if the user set AI as default and has a repricing condition, the same business price settings will apply).

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