Fee Promotions

Amazon offer fee promotions on a seller by seller basis. The following article explains how the repricer behaves when this fee promotion creates a repricing range that is  less profitable. This adjustment for fee promotions is only relevant to the win buybox and AI settings only. If you are using a different repricing method, then the repricer will just follow the rules you have set up.

Store Settings

Here you have the choice to turn on or off to adjust for fee promotions.

When this toggle is on, all listings with a fee promotion will not reprice in a price range that will lead to reduced profit.

When the toggle is off, you can manually turn on for individual listings in the UI only. You will see a green box to indicate that your setting has been saved.

How the Repricer Behaves

The fee promotion may create a range of prices where it is less profitable to be in. In other words, you can set a lower price and still be taking more profit. If this setting is switched on for your store or a listing, the repricer will check if there is a reduced profit range on a listing. If the repricer suggests a price in that range, this setting will instead reprice at the lower boundary.

In the example below, the reduced profit range is $9.98 - $10.45. If the repricer suggests using $10.30, it will instead go to $9.97, which is more profitable

It is important to consider whether you want to toggle this on or not, bearing in mind that other sellers on the listing do not have the same fee promotion, and this could have implications for the pricing long term. 

New Columns

In your hidden columns you can find two new columns:

Ref. Fee Promo: This will show all fee promotions on a listing. It will show most recent at the top.After 60 days or so, the old promotions will be purged.

Promo. Reduced Prof. Rng: This shows the range of prices which are unprofitable to reprice in.


You can use filters to find listings with fee promotions before or after a certain date.

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