Repricing Method: Follow Multiple Related ASINs

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Seller Snap has the capability to set repricing conditions based on competitor’s ASINs on individual listings or bulk via CSV upload. Sellers with private label listings or with zero competition for the Buybox may benefit from this repricing setting. 

The repricer will adjust the price according to the rule set in the repricing preset and the buybox prices of the related ASINs. 

Setting Up

1.       Go into the settings for the listing you want and click on Repricing Settings. Change default repricing method to Follow Multiple Related ASINs for that listing only. Add the ASINs you want to follow. 

2.       Click "Get ASINs data" in order to see the analytics, including BB price, Sales Rank data and lowest FBA/FBM listing. An ASIN needs to be added to the field to see the "Get ASINs data" option.

3.       Define the repricing rule from the drop-down menu. Users can then match or increase/decrease price by a defined amount or percentage.

Bulk Import & Export

Seller Snap has the capability to set repricing conditions based on competitor’s ASINs in bulk via CSV upload and users will need to 'Export Relates Asins' to get the correct template 

The export function is found on Seller Snap's Listings Page. Simply click on Actions and 'Export Related Asins' and users will receive a notification in their email once the export is complete.

CSV Setup 

There are five mandatory fields required when importing Follow Related ASIN via CSV: 

  1. sku
  2. rel_asin_1
  3. rel_asins_reprice_method
  4. rel_asins_amount_or_percent
  5. rel_asins_diff

Users can input up to 10 different ASIN's to follow for each specific SKU, every additional ASIN will be added to the next related ASIN column in the CSV. For example: 

  1. rel_asin_1
  2. rel_asin_2
  3. rel_asin_3 
  4. Etc. 

Please Note: ASIN's must be added in consecutive order within the CSV starting at rel_asin_1 and ending at rel_asin_10.

Users will need to select a repricing method for each SKU, the values for the CSV and the corresponding behavior can be found below:

Value Corresponding Repricing Behavior
lowest_bb Lowest Buy Box
avg_bb Avg Buy Box
lowest_offer Lowest Offer
lowest_fbm Lowest FBM Offer
lowest_fba Lowest FBA Offer
best_sales_rank_lowest_fba Best Sales Rank Lowest FBA
best_sales_rank_bb_landed Best Sales Rank Buy Box
best_sales_rank_lowest_offer Best Sales Rank Lowest Offer
best_sales_rank_lowest_fbm Best Sales Rank Lowest FBM

Users can set an amount or percentage to reprice above or below the relevant ASIN. To do so, input either of the following into the rel_asins_amount_or_percent column:

  • amount
  • percentage

Finally, set the numeric value that corresponds with the amount or percentage into the rel_asins_diff column. 

Remember, if the desired action is to be lower than a competitor, the numeric value must be a negative number, for example: -10 (negative ten)

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