Yo-Yo Repricing Rule

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Yo-Yo repricing allows you to manually set a loop increasing the price to max and then reverting to an automatic repricing method such as Game Theory Repricing.

How to Enable Yo-Yo Repricing

Yo-Yo can be added to any repricing method by selecting "Apply Yo-Yo on Selected Method":

In this example, the repricer will increase the price to max every 180 minutes, stay at max for 20 minutes and then revert to AI repricing.

The next time the repricer will increase price to max will be 200 minutes later (180 minutes +20 minutes staying at Max price). 

Best Practices for Yo-Yo Repricing

Users want to make sure they are giving the repricer enough time to come back down in price so Seller Snap recommends setting the yo-yo to minimum every 180 minutes (3 hours).

AI Repricer will automatically set its own yo-yo so users do not need to set a yo-yo when set to AI.

Yo-yo can be helpful for settings like Win Buybox and rules based strategies.

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