Carbon6 Reimbursement Pre-Audit

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Seller Snap has integrated with Carbon6 to offer reimbursement pre-audits directly from the Seller Snap dashboard.

Their recovery specialists investigate Amazon’s mistakes and provide you with an indication of the money owed to your business.

One of the easiest ways to increase your profitability is to get back money owed to you so that you can use your new-found dollars to reinvest in your business.

Here is some of the money that Carbon6 was able to get back for other well-known third-party sellers:

  • Spring Lane recovered $46,510
  • Midlands Radio recovered $405,000
  • Bicycle Addiction recovered over $1.4 million

The pre-audit is conducted by Carbon6 and any results are indicative and based on their analysis.


Navigate to the integrations tab within the store settings.

Locate the tile for Carbon6 and then click 'Configure'.

Click through the prompts in order to commence the connection with Carbon6.

Once complete, Carbon6 will commence the pre-audit.

Users will receive their Pre-Aduit results via email.

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