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What is Follow BuyBox and how does repricing work when enabled?

The Follow Buybox method is a straightforward repricing method where users are able to use the current Buybox's price as a base for their own pricing. The method allows users to set an amount or percentage below or above the current price of the Buybox. This tool is especially helpful for clients with Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) listings. 

The Follow Buybox repricing method recognizes the Buybox Winner's fulfillment method so whether the current Buybox is won by an FBA/FBM seller or Amazon, users may set the values for each event and Seller Snap will apply the relevant rule for when that situation happens. 

NOTE: If users choose to use Follow Buybox as their Default Repricing Method, an event where the buybox is suppressed would mean that there would be no buybox winner to follow. It is therefore recommended to add the Condition called "If Buybox Suppressed" and select the desired action for if/when it happens.

What is the best use of the Follow BuyBox?

The Follow Buybox repricing method is best used as an action applied in response to a specific condition that would trigger. For example, the condition of "If Competitor" Amazon exists, then users can apply Follow Buybox and set it to follow the exact price or undercut by a 1 cent.

How can I apply Follow BuyBox on my listings?

Users with presets may assign these by Bulk Edit or importing a CSV file. They may also do so individually from within the listings table or through the Edit Listings Window where conditions can be added as well.

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