Repricing Method: Set to Min Price or Max Price

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How does repricing work when using "Set to Min Price" or "Max Price"?

When using the "Set to Min/Max" Price method, users will see a place where users may input a Factor. The value that is set here will be used to multiply the current Min/Max and used as the Listed Price for the listing.

For example, if a user wanted to sell at 50% more than their Min price, the factor would be 1.5. 

Important: The factor for 'Set Price to Min' will always be 1 or higher, while factors for 'Set Price to Max' will always be 1 or lower. 

When should users use the Set to Min/Max Price?

It is recommended that the "Set to Min/Max Price" method is applied when certain conditions are met. An example of such a situation is when sellers suddenly find themselves as the only seller of the ASIN and would like to jump directly to their Min or Max price. Sellers may also find it useful to use this to max out the price whenever a listing is back-ordered. Sellers may also add a condition for the repricer to be set to the Min Price if the Buy Box is suppressed.

How can I Set to Min and Max Price on my listings?

Users can set mins and maxs individually through the user interface via the columns or Edit Listing Window where conditions can be set. Other options include creating and assigning repricing presets by  Bulk Edit or importing a CSV file. 

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