Repricing Method: Follow Competitor

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What is Follow Competitor and how does repricing work when used?

This repricing method allows users to base their prices on a specific competitor's price by a specific amount or percentage. Users are required to input the Seller ID of a competitor to follow. 

This article will show How to find a competitor store's Seller ID.

IMPORTANT: Repricing methods that "Follow" competitors are dependent on the existence of said competitor in the ASIN. If they leave the ASIN, Seller Snap will stop repricing as there will be no competitor to follow. Seller Snap recommends using this repricing method as part of a condition with a different default repricing method as shown below. 

What is the best use of the Follow Competitor?

There are situations where users may sometimes want to be aggressive against a specific competitor of an ASIN or when they want to undercut or stay with the competitor's price as much as possible.

The strategy above can be interpreted that if Amazon exists as competition in the ASIN, then we will follow the price of Amazon but undercut it by an amount of 1 cent.

How can I apply Follow Competitor to my listings?

Users may change how a listing is repriced individually through the Edit Listings Window where conditions can be added as well. If users have created repricing presets, they may assign these via Bulk Edit or importing a CSV file. 

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