Repricing Method: Follow Lowest Or Highest FBA/FBM Offer

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What is the Follow tool and how does repricing work when enabled?

Seller Snap has a tool within the repricing methods to detect and follow the competition's prices. 

Once chosen, users are able to use the competition's price as a basis and choose by what amount or percent their offering should be.

IMPORTANT: In order to undercut an offer, the user will need to use a negative value, as seen in the screenshot above.

Users should note that the "Follow" repricing methods are dependent on the existence of competitors in the ASIN. If they leave, Seller Snap will stop repricing as there would be no competitor to follow. Seller Snap generally recommends setting another Default Repricing, such as the AI to avoid this, and instead use Follow repricing methods as a trigger of a condition.

What is the best use of the Follow Repricing Method?

The repricing method is used to match, undercut, or price above the competition.

This is used mainly by sellers who want to set a price based on following the current Lowest Or Highest FBA/FBM competitor in the listing. Users can set a price or percent above, equal to, or below the competitor.

How can I apply Follow Lowest Or Highest FBA/FBM Offer on my listings?

Users with presets may assign these by Bulk Edit or importing a CSV file. They may also do so individually from within the listings table or through the Edit Listings Window where conditions can be added as well.

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