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Seller Snap's integration with SkuVault allows users to automatically pull Cost (unit amounts) directly into Seller Snap.

Cost data will automatically sync. Any Cost data that was previously present within Seller Snap will be overridden by the values from SkuVault.

If the Costs from SkuVault and Seller Snap differ drastically, the listing will be flagged for users to review.  

SkuVault sends Cost values once an hour.

Instructions For Setting Up The Integration 

Please follow the instructions to complete the integration process. 

  1. Navigate to the Store Settings. 
  2. Select the Integrations tab.
  3. Select Configure on the SkuVault box and input your login credentials (this gives Seller Snap access to SkuVault). Seller Snap does not save the login details.

4. Click  Authorize to commence the integration.

5. A pop-up will appear asking to confirm.

After the integration has been enabled the pop-up will look like this:

Monitoring The Integration

The integration is active if the status bar at the bottom of the dashboard is present.
There are two main reasons that an issue may occur during a routine sync:

1. Listing Requires User Action: 

Sync Blocked: Approve Updated Cost 

  • Seller Snap will block sync on a specific SKU if the new Cost is too significant of a drop from the previously saved Cost. The tool is designed to protect users from human error. Users will need to manually adjust the Cost in Seller Snap to match what is in SkuVault or vice versa. 

Sync Min Greater Than Max

  • Seller Snap will block a Cost from updating if the sync would cause the Min price to be greater than the Max price. This can occur if users have Auto-Adjust active on Min Price, but deactivated on Max Price. 

Users will need to manually amend both of these listings.

2. Active Listings Not Synced 

  • This alert occurs when a SKU is active within Seller Snap but has not successfully synced. This can be because of a potential delay in syncing. In most cases, this will automatically resolve itself after 24 hours. 

Users may, however, want to manually amend these listings to avoid unexpected price changes.

Other Notification 

SKU Not Synced 24 Hours 
  • This alert occurs when a SKU has not synced in the last 24 hours. This can be because the Cost was not included in the last SkuVault report.

Please feel free to reach out to support for assistance.

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