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When Auto-Adjust Min/Max is enabled, Seller Snap will automatically adjust the Min & Max price of listings when there is a change in fees or cost. 

In addition to this feature, Seller Snap users have the option to set a source for where the min and max values are derived from. There are three available sources: 

Users who elect not to use the Min & Max Source may leave it disabled and will need to manually adjust the Min & Max price of listings when there is a change in fees or cost if they want the markup amount to stay the same.  

Users will first need to toggle the feature ON through the Store Settings.

Once Auto-Adjust is activated, a warning will appear requesting users to disabled repricing before activating this feature. 

Users can now select which source they want to use for the Min and Max price. 

Selecting a Min & Max Source

Users who opt to set a Min & Max source have the choice to put a source per fulfillment. Users can select the same method for FBA and FBM or choose something different for each. (Ex.  FBA Min from InventoryLab and FBA Max from Dynamic Max Price).

Mix and Match!

Currently, Dynamic Max Price (DMP) is still in beta, if you would like to test it out feel free to contact support@sellersnap.io

Once selected users will then need to click "Apply Changes":

Once users select "Apply Changes" a pop-up will appear that allows the user to either apply to all listings or maintain current values. 

Please note: this pop-up will not appear when InventoryLab is used for all sources as InventoryLab Min & max settings are always updated when activated. 

  1. Apply to all listings -  set the new markup amounts for all listings on the store level. 
  2. Maintain current values - only adjust listings that do not currently have min and max prices set up

Mix 'n Match the Min & Max

Users can set different Min and Max sources for FBA and FBM listings. 


When enabled, the Integration with InventoryLab will let users automatically import their Min and Max prices from InventoryLab. Please note that the InventoryLab Integration will need to be toggled ON for Min or Max values to sync. These values are based on the listed cost and are the values already set in InventoryLab. This can be selected for min or max price, or both. 

Tiered Markup

Seller Snap users have the option to create cost-based markup tiers by setting price ranges. 

Dynamic Max Price 

Seller Snap’s Dynamic Max Price tool uses machine learning to automatically calculate the max price for all listings so that users don’t have to manually set a max price or worry about deactivations. 

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