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Creating an account with Seller Snap is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

New users who want to Create An Account and get a 15-day Free Trial may follow the link to start the registration process. Alternatively, users may also use the link found on the main website.

Register and get a 15-day Free Trial

How to Register a New Seller Snap Account

Step 1: Provide the necessary account details and contact information.

Step 2: Create a Seller Snap password. 

Step 2.5: Once the password is accepted, users will need to verify the email for the account as part of the security process. Users have the option to change the email address here or resend the verification email. 

Important: Users might sometimes find the verification email in the Spam folder instead of the Inbox.

The email will contain a link that will take users to the final verification step.

Step 3: Users will now name the Store and select its Marketplace to Authorize Seller Snap to start receiving store data. Users will be prompted to log on to their Amazon Seller Account to finish the authorization process.

Note: While the Store Name that is created in Seller Snap can be different from the actual Amazon store name, it is recommended to still use the same name. Users who have multiple stores or have plans to add more in the future are encouraged to attach a country suffix to their chosen Store Name, e.g. Meow's Store (CA).

Once the user has finished authorization, Seller Snap will do the rest and reach out via email once the account is ready.

How to Add a New Store

Sellers who want to add a new store to their account will need to email support at:

Account owners should note that adding a store might affect billing.

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